Sapta Yoga International Teacher Training / Intensive Courses

Next courses in India will take place 

from February 1st - Feb. 28th 2020

Impressions of our Ashram and neighborhood in Kotalghosha – Place of Sapta Yoga International Teacher Training.

Some impressions of our Students who took part at the Sapta Yoga International Teacher Training in the recent years. (Photos © by Sushil Bhattacharya and Ruth Waefler Bhattacharya).



Sapta Yoga International Teacher Training / Intensive Course


From February 1st to 28th, 2020 in Kotalghosha, West Bengal, India


Full Residential facility (twin share, attached bath).

Vegetarian food.

Airport transfer and much more.

Please write to us for details.


Please, Register as soon as possible. 


This course is officially recognized 
by International Yoga Federation, European Yoga Alliance
 as well by the Government of India.


Level I & II Certificate Course 

Presented by  Yogacharya Swami SadanandaGiri (Dr. Sushil Bhattacharya) and
 Yogacharini Ruth Waefler Bhattacharya.


One month residential Sapta Yoga Teacher Training from February 1st to February 28th in Kotalghosha, West Bengal, India. 


You will learn

Hatha Yoga Asanas (beginning, intermediate & advanced)

Surya Namaskar (sun salutation)

Pranayama, Mudra

Kundalini chakra meditation

Yoga Nidra relaxation

Shat Kriyas (six cleansing methods)

Yogic way of fasting

Sapta Yoga / Ayurvedic massage

Sanskrit alphabet, writing & mantra chanting

Bhajan singing (devotional songs)

Yogic vegetarian cooking

Yoga anatomy

Sapta Yoga™ philosophy

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Gheranda Samhita

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Yogic way of living in modern society


Certificates of proficiency or Sapta Yoga Teacher Certificates (264 hours) will be given according to the level, experience and knowledge of the student (at the discretion of the Yoga masters). Two years previous experience with yoga is suggested. 


Sapta Yoga™ in Kotalghosha

We will practice Sapta Yoga indoor as well as outdoor, overlooking the green lashes and rice fields. The air is clean, the scenery is beautiful and the area is quiet. For your relaxation time, when not in Yoga class, you can go bicycling or walking in the rural village paths. There is also a delightful bazaar to explore near Kotalghosha.


Yogacharya Swami Sadananda Giri (Sushil Bhattacharya) and Sapta Yoga International are recognised and registered by International Yoga Federation.


This guideline tells you how to become

a Sapta Yoga™ International teacher / instructor

Please read carefully and if you have any questions, please write to Sapta Yoga™ International



This course is specially designed for those who want to be a dedicated professional Sapta Yoga™ International teacher / instructor and want to be in-charge and run Sapta Yoga™ International centers around the world. If you think you are one of them, then please apply for this special training. If you are not interested to become a professional Sapta Yoga™ International teacher, then please do not apply.


How do I qualify for this course? 

If you have attended any teacher training courses in Nepal or India or similar intensive courses or special workshops around the world with Sushil, then you are allowed to join this course.


How many years experience do I need to join this course?

To join this course you must practice Sapta Yoga™ techniques as Sushil taught for at least 2 years. You must appear for personal interview and ability test before registering for the course.


How can I appear for a personal interview from my country to India? It is very expensive for me to do. What can I do in this situation?

You can attend some workshop with Sushil Bhattacharya in your country or near country. Or write us for a person to contact in your country who attended in the past Sapta Yoga™ International teacher training course with Sushil in Nepal, India or another country. And get in touch with that person and practice some Sapta Yoga™ with that person. Write us with your experience with some photos, so we can decide if you are eligible for the course or not.


Why are you so strict about this course?

I want to keep this teaching pure and original. I want highest quality of teacher for teaching Sapta Yoga™ and who are seriously devoted to spread Sapta Yoga™. I do not want "arm chair or couch yogi or yogini".


I have attended teacher training in Nepal / India with you in the past. Will I be qualified to say I am Sapta Yoga™ teacher and can I open Sapta Yoga™ International Center in my country?

No. You must attend this special course to qualify for claiming as a certified Sapta Yoga™ teacher. To open Sapta Yoga™ International Center in your area or country, you must get a written permission to use the name Sapta Yoga™ International and must sign a legal contract paper.


Do I need to go to another teacher to learn more different technique?

It is all up to you. Do you want to spend more money and time to learn another technique? Do you want more confusion with many techniques in your head? Very few people can practice too many techniques at a time or over the years. The great Indian Master Ramakrishna said, "Too many learning makes too much confusion. Better learn one and be master of it". When you are getting all the training for Sapta Yoga™ International Teacher Training Course. This course will give you a solid practice for rest of your life and you will never need a teacher!! But you must remember "regular practice makes you the perfect teacher".


In Sapta Yoga™ do student use any props, ropes, unnatural rubber mats, synthetic rubber blocks, table, chair, benches or stick to hit students? Or do you suggest to use special meditation cushion, special meditation blanket, special relaxation blanket and special yoga outfit etc.?

No. In Sapta Yoga™ we do not use props, ropes or synthetic unnatural environmentally unsafe material. You know plastic or rubber mats never comes from natural sources. It is made with harmful, deadly dangerous, poisonous chemical material. Do you know until now several hundred million tons of rubber blocks, sticky mats and ropes in the market and people are using it.

In Sapta Yoga™ we never hit people with sticks or with hands or legs. It is totally immoral and opposite of yoga philosophy. In true yoga tradition yoga master never hits or kicks his or her students.

In Sapta Yoga™ we are all equal and friendly. In Sapta Yoga we like natural material for yoga practice. We use cotton blanket, cotton towels, cotton pants and shirts. We do not encourage our students to use nature’s unfriendly, environmentally unsafe, pollutant, chemical made and most expensive junk stuff.


In Sapta Yoga™ we do not heat our rooms in an abnormal temperature. We do not seal the doors and windows to keep old stale smelly filthy air to breathe. We use fresh air when we practice.

 In India and Nepal our courses takes place out door open airy areas, on top of the roof, under the Banyan tree, Himalayan Mountains, beside the lakes. You will love it.


How many courses do I need to attend to qualify myself as a Sapta Yoga™ International professional Teacher/Instructor?

As many as possible to make you confident. At least 1 to 3 courses and 2 good years of intensive practice. More you practice more confident you become and having faith about your own ability. As more you know, as better you give. Be happy!!!


To reserve your space, just click on this link and follow the instruction. If this link is not working then please write to Thanks.


To reserve a space for Sapta Yoga International teacher training / intensive course, please email or call at least 6 months to 1 year in advance as we have limited space. I am offering one course in a year and no other courses will be offered at Kotalghosha until further notice.


When you write to us, we will send you a registration form and current cost of the SYITTC (Sapta Yoga International Teacher Training Course). When you register a deposit is necessary. Without deposit we can not confirm your course reservation. Deposits are non-refundable.


  “No Panic, Go Pranic” - Sushil (Sadananda)




Yoga outdoor beside the Yoga-Hall in our Ashram in Kotalghosha.

Organic vegetable garden in our Ashram in Kotalghosha.

Graduation ceremony and handling over the Certificates, February 2018.

Saptayoga International

Freiburgstrasse 63

CH-3008 Bern / Schweiz

+41 31 351 53 55

Yoga-Modul Weiterbildung

an drei Wochenenden 26. + 27. Oktober: Übersicht über die Yogaphilosophie.

16.+17. November: Asanapraxis. Hilfe-leistung, Korrekturen. Asanas bei  Beschwerden.

7.+8. Dezember: Spezielle Pranayama-Praxis. Techniken, die nur vom Meister zum Schüler weiter-gegeben werden. 

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Teacher Training

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February 1st  to 28th 2020

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4th to 24th March 2020

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