Created during a visite at ZKM Karlsruhe (Center for Medias and Arts) on Oct. 2019.

Sushil`s very first Paddle Board experience. He was never before on such a Board - and started like this ... Lake of Wohlen (RiverAare) / Switzerland.

Historical Yoga Event in Loeb Window in Bern, Switzerland.

Sushil doing Handstand on the bank of Sense River in Switzerland


Sushil Walking with Chakrasana


Saptayoga International

Freiburgstrasse 63

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NEU: Kinderyoga

Neu am Freitag.

Yoga für Kinder

14. Februar

bis 27 März 2020

7 Lektionen mit Natascha Binggeli (FaBeK)

14.30 bis 15:20

für Kinder

von 4 bis 6 Jahren


16.00 bis 17:00

für Kinder

von 7 bis 10 Jahren


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Yoga Teacher

Training in India

Now booking!

Teacher Training

in India

February 1st  to 28th 2020

Yoga Therapy Course in India

4th to 24th March 2020

The course takes place in our Ashram in Kotalghosha / India with Sushil Bhattacharya.


Informationen über den nächsten Therapie-Kurs (2020) mit Sushil Bhattacharya  in unserem Ashram in Indien folgen.



Lehrgang Yoga-Therapie in Indien vom 4. bis 24. März 2020


unseres Ashrams

in Indien.



of our Ashram

in India

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Sushil's CD

Power of Mantra