Sapta Yoga Ashram and Yogic Hospital

in Kotalghosha, India

Guest House of our Sapta Yoga Ashram.


Dear Yoga Sadhaka, Yoga Sadhika,

Yoga Friend and Yoga Visitor,


Thanks for visiting this site. Sapta Yoga Ashram and Yogic Hospital situated on 6 acres of land surrounded by a small creek and rice fields. It is still untouched by the modern civilization. I am not sure how long it will be like that but it is a great place for practicing Yoga without any modern day’s noise and industrial pollution. We have 8 furnished double room with attached bathroom for accommodation. Soon we are finishing the swimming pool for aqua yoga practice.  


Our Ashram Guest House is now open to public for staying and studying Yoga. We are working in the Yogic Hospital project, please be patience. Yogic Hospital project may take couple of years to complete.


Once the Yogic Hospital project will be finish, we will have real yoga therapy with people who is suffering from different diseases. In this yogic hospital I want to do the therapy with people without any modern medicine... According to Gheranda Samhita stated that one can remove many diseases with doing yogic sadhana.  If you are interested, let me/us know. A real live yoga therapy course will be given to each and every individual... 


We are looking for kind hearted person / organization for kind support with fund and ideas. We will be happy to hear from you.

Swami Sadananda (Sushil)


Our Address in India

Sapta Yoga Ashram & Yogic Hospital

Village: Kotalghosha

Post Office: Kirnahar

District: Birbhum

West Bengal, India

PIN 731 302


Tel: ++91-9732-25 30 71, ++91-9434-58 22 35



Please Note

We are not a drop-in Yoga Ashram / Center. We take only serious students who are ready to learn / practice / teach / want to change their lives through Yoga. We are not a touristic Yoga Ashram / Center. Please contact us before coming to the ashram.


We will be happy to have you as a student / guest in our Ashram. We are located in a rural Indian village. We suggest to all our students / guests to follow the local rules and behave like a yogi / yogini.


Thanks for your understanding. When you write / register for the course, we will send you all the details.


We accept only non-smokers in Sapta yoga courses. Please, do not bring with you any kind of alcoholic beverages, smoking stuff, chewing tobacco and drugs etc.  It is illegal and not permitted in the yoga course, in the ashram and around the ashram premises. If found any such objects, you have to leave the course immediately. No refund will be given from the course fee.


If you are a smoker, drug user or alcoholic, please do not apply for this course. Sapta Yoga is smoking and drug free. 

If you are thinking to get rid of your smoking, drinking and drug habits then this is the right place for you.


Map of our Ashram in Kotalghosha.

Sushil in front of the organic Ashram Garden in Kotalghosha.

Sapta Yoga International

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Teacher training

in our Ashram

in India

Now booking!

1 – 28 February 2024


Unser Ashram

in Indien

Our Ashram in India




unseres Ashrams 



of our Ashram

in India

Yoga Therapy


4 – 23 March 2024

The course takes place in our Ashram in  India with Sushil Bhattacharya. 

More see here.


Lehrgang Yoga-Therapie in Indien 4. bis 23. März 2024

Geschichte des Yoga


Yogis fliegen weiter – 

Geschichte des Yoga und eine Einführung. U.a. Mit B.K.S. Iyengar, Dr. Heinz Dolibois und Ruth Waefler

Sushil's CD

Power of Mantra

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